Pork rib $20                               

    Pulled Pork $17.50                 

    RIB Tip $18.50

    Chicken $18.50

    Chicken Link $19

     Beef Ribs $22

     Beef Brisket $22

     Beef Link Dinner $18.50

    Includes: Two Side Entrees

    Mac and cheese, Greens, potato salad, bbq. beans, Slaw, mac salad 


    Robert Earls Combos!!!!!

    Two Meat Combo………….$22

    Three Meat Combo…………$25

    Includes: Two Side  Entrees

    Sides: Mac and cheese, Greens, Potato salad
    Slaw, bbq. Beans, Mac Salad,

    Lunch Menu: includes /1 side

    Spare ribs $12

    Beef Rib $13(weekends onley)

    Pulled Pork Lunch $12

    Chicken Lunch $12

    Rib Tip Lunch $12

    Brisket Lunch $12

    Beef Link Lunch  $12

    Chicken Link Lunch $12

    Jr Two Meat $13.00

    Includes: 1 small side, beans, potato salad, slaw, mac salad no substitutions!!!!!

      Extra Sides

    Mac and Cheese                        Small $2

    Greens                                        Med. $4

    Rice and gravey                        Large $6

    Yams                                          Xlarge $12

    Potato salad


    BBQ Beans

    Mac Salad

    Texas Samplers

    Mini Tex Sampler $45.00

    5 Spare Ribs ($2 Extra for Beef Rib Substitution) /half Chicken/ sliced Beef Link/ 6oz. of Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork/ W/2 sides 8oz. Feeds 2

    Lil Earl Texas Sampler $75.00 1Slab of Spare Ribs ($4 Extra for Beef Rib Substitution) /1/2 chicken 4 pcs./half pound  of Brisket/ or Pulled Pork/ Half pound of  links/ half pound of tips w/ 2 large sides 16 oz. & bread  Will feed 4

    All Beef sampler $107.00

    1/slab of beef ribs 14 bones 1/pound of beef brisket 1/pound of beef links 3/ large sides (will feed 4)

     Chicken Lovers sampler $70

    1/whole chicken 1lbs. chicken links (6) /3 large sides (will feed 6)

    The Big Daddy Earl Family platter…$155

    2 slabs of Spare Ribs,

    10pcs. Of chicken

    1Pound of links

    1 lbs. of Brisket

    1 Pound of  Rib Tips

    4 pints of sides (feeds 10)

    Side selections:

    Mac and cheese

    Collard greens

    BBQ Beans

    Potato Salad

    Mac Salad


      Hours of operation!!!

    Monday-  closed

    Tuesday – 11:30 am. -7pm. no  phone orders after 6pm. (take  out only)

    Wednesday-11:30am.  7 pm.

    Thursday – 11:30 a.m 7p.m. no phone orders after 6pm.

    Friday – 1130 AM – 8:30 p.m. no phone orders after 7pm.

    Saturday- 11:30 am. 8:30 pm. no phone orders after 7pm.

    Sunday- 11:30am. Until 5 phone orders after 4pm.